Testimonial: Power BI Course in Teletraining Mode with Instructor Support How did it go?

At Nanfor we have the Teletraining course modality with Instructor Support in collaboration with ExecuTrain Mexico.

From both entities we are working to promote the learning methodology in e-learning format with instructor assistance in Latin America, especially in Mexico. With this training modality, we want more people to be able to achieve their certification objectives at their own pace whenever they want and also have the support of certified instructors to resolve their doubts about the course while they advance at their own pace.

Today Eric Enrique Ramírez Rodriguez , Information Technology Manager at Hospital México Americano who took the Analyzing Data with Power BI explains to us what their experience has been like:

What did you like most about the Teletraining platform?

The fact that it is not in person gives us the openness of being able to take it at any time and on weekends. Due to the responsibilities I have at work, it is difficult for me to adhere to a fixed schedule and this course gave me that flexibility.

How would you describe the experience of having taken a Teletraining course with Instructor Support?

We are used to having a teacher, so at first it was difficult for me to adapt to setting my own schedules, writing down my questions to send them by email and having them answer me to continue with my course. But once you start using the platform and understanding it, you know where the accesses are, it is easy to access the course and its tools, and it also develops the ability to be self-taught.

How do you think the Power BI course will help you in your professional career?

I have some experience in SQL in databases, and using Power BI will give me all the visibility to make myself understand to the company directors how the information is within the business. Taking all this information to dashboards that they can see online, enhances all the knowledge we have in the technology area and how directors and other areas can see it in real time.

Would you recommend training in Teletraining Modality with Instructor Support?

To 100%. The simple fact of not having a schedule and self-organizing your times is a personal challenge and makes you develop the self-taught part. It is a very good experience that perhaps young people are used to, but people like me from another generation help us a lot to develop other skills.

Furthermore, upon constantly seeing my progress I told myself, I cannot let more than three days pass without entering the course in order to finish it in the indicated time. In fact, I think I was able to review the course up to three times.

How would you rate the Instructor Support in the Teletraining Modality with Instructor Support?

The response was excellent, with the schedules we have with Spain I saw that, if I sent an email at night, at 9 in the morning I would already have a response. They were very fast and with very concise answers.

Do you think this training will help you achieve your Power BI Certification?

Without a doubt this course will help me achieve it, since it gives me all the bases, the course guide is very well explained so I don't see any major problem that once I have taken the course I can achieve the certification.

What do you consider to be the three main benefits of this Teletraining methodology with Instructor Support?

  • Schedule availability
  • You have extra time to review the information in the access time
  • I took the course up to three times with the time allotted to me.
  • Have laboratories available whenever you need it
Without a doubt, if you are looking to train, but do not have the time to connect to a telepresence course, this modality is for you!
You can find more information about our methodology and Microsoft courses here , in addition to the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Power BI certification.

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