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Testimony of Brenda Grisel Doniz Padilla - Software Engineer at Increase Software Development

Have you searched for training in Microsoft Dynamics and haven't found it?

At Nanfor we have Teletraining courses with Instructor Support in collaboration with ExecuTrain México.

With this offer we hope that more people can achieve their certification objectives at their own pace whenever they want and that they also have the support of certified instructors to resolve their doubts about the course while they advance at their own pace.

We present the testimony of Brenda Grisel Doniz Padilla, Software Engineer at Increase Software Development, who took the courses MB-300: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations and MB-340: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant .

What did you like most about the Teletraining platform?

The first thing is that it is very friendly so I can study when I need it, I can organize myself perfectly, I can take the course anywhere at any time, I follow my own pace.

The second thing is that the Nanfor team is very good. I had several doubts regarding some questions to prepare for the certification and the truth is that both the instructor and the Nanfor team were quite accessible, they helped me solve some doubts, even specific doubts about the knowledge acquired related to my work, they were quite accessible.

How do you think these Microsoft Dynamics courses will help you in your professional career?

They are already helping me. I work every day with the Commerce module and I have already had to review a configuration, and with the MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) it is quite accessible to do searches to see how it is configured, including some aspects.
My position, despite being a Software Engineer, is more focused on being a Functional Consultant, the development team to which I belong consults me as if I were the primary source of information to make some configuration and I have already been able to rely on all the material that comes in the course.

What do you consider to be the three main benefits of this Teletraining methodology with Instructor Support?

  • You organize your time
  • The content is quite complete, there is free material through Microsoft Learn, but it is missing many things that are complemented by the course.
  • Being able to familiarize yourself more quickly with the topic you are working on, because although there is a theoretical part, there are exercises, examples and laboratories, which help a lot to put it into practice immediately.

How did you organize yourself to be able to take these two courses in the Teletraining modality with Instructor Support?

At first the company gave me the opportunity to study part of my working day, but it was while I was adapting, later it wasn't anymore and I am now working full time with my job; However, I have been able to continue consulting outside of my working hours, on weekends or at night when I had insomnia to review some details.

It is an advantage to have the material available 24 hours a day.

How would you rate the Instructor Support in the Teletraining Modality with Instructor Support?

There is a time difference, as I am in Mexico and Nanfor is in Spain, communication was by mail. If I sent the email in the morning, practically as soon as it arrived they would answer me, if there was something to consult at most they would have the next day to answer me or in the morning they would have already answered me.

Do you think this training will help you achieve your Microsoft Dynamics Certification?

Apart from giving you tips on how the certifications come, these types of courses perfectly complement previous knowledge and not only will you pass the exam, you will acquire a good score

Would you recommend training in Teletraining Mode with Instructor Support?

Yes, in fact, I have already done it with my teammates. The teletraining part seems like a great option to me, I value the time part a lot because when I am working, taking care of my children, I do need to organize myself and not have fixed schedules to go to study and have someone explain it to me. In addition, the material comes very complete.

How would you rate the Instructor Support in the Teletraining Modality with Instructor Support?

In general, I think it is an excellent option, both ExecuTrain and Nanfor have been very accessible, I think it is quite good that you can count not only on the knowledge that is on the platform, but also on a team behind that when you have questions or any situation they can support you, whether they are academic or administrative doubts.
Furthermore, in these areas we should never stop learning, technology advances by leaps and bounds, we always complain about the lack of time, this is an excellent option, because you avoid the mobility part, you have the self-study part, so that there is no longer an excuse for you to prepare.


Diego Jose Ramos Martinez:

buen dia, quisiera obtener la certificacion mb-300

May 08, 2023

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