Microsoft Learn & Nanfor

About Microsoft Learn and Nanfor

Microsoft Learn and Nanfor are two learning platforms that offer a variety of courses and training on various Microsoft technologies and solutions, but they do so slightly differently.

Here are some reasons why someone might want to complement free Microsoft Learn courses with Nanfor's one-on-one support system :


Complementing Microsoft Learn self-study with Nanfor's individualized support could be particularly beneficial for those seeking a richer, more personalized learning experience geared toward specific objectives such as preparation for certifications or the practical application of skills in real projects.

Why are Microsoft Learn and Nanfor Hybrid Training fully compatible?

The robust and complex hybrid learning method proposed by Nanfor, validated by tens of thousands of students, together with the online learning resources of Microsoft Learn , form an enriched and holistic educational parallelism , which is widely complementary and extremely beneficial for students. students and professionals seeking to advance their technical skills and knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

Adding the element of automatic and human tracking of participant progress by Nanfor, let's see how these two resources complement each other :


The blend of Microsoft Learn learning resources and Nanfor's hybrid, tracking and support methodology provides students and professionals with a comprehensive framework for developing and honing technical skills and knowledge , thereby maximizing their investment in education and training.

Training services that add to Microsoft Learn

If you have already completed an official Microsoft Learn certification course and want to increase your certification options and advance your official Microsoft certification career , Nanfor offers you a wide range of options that complement what you have been preparing at Microsoft. Learn:

Training services for the following certification levels

With the CertifyAdvancePro Service we offer you training in our exclusive hybrid training model, with the following aspects:


By providing a certification path that is backed by experts, with multiple resources and a solid support structure, "CertifyAdvancePro" could present itself as a robust option for professionals looking to advance their careers through official Microsoft certifications. If you have more specific details about the product, you can adjust or add more benefits based on the product's features. I hope this list is a good starting point for you!

  • CertifyAdvancePro Fees

10% discount on official rates in the following course , once you have completed the first course of your professional career, based on the official Microsoft certification map .