Azure AKS Course: Kubernetes

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Azure AKS: Kubernetes

Course content:

Introduction to Kubernetes in Azure

Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service

Unit 1 :

Create an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

Choose the best deployment options for pods

Expose pods to users on internal and external networks

Configure SSL/TLS for Azure Container Service entry

Monitor the health of an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

Scale your application into an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

Unit 2:

Deploy Kubernetes workloads using YAML deployment files.

Expose Kubernetes workloads using services and input.

Integrate Azure Container Registry to deploy container images.

Unit 3:

Optimize costs in AKS using zero-scale node groups

Optimize costs in AKS using point-in-time access node groups with automatic scalability

Manage costs with Azure Policy in AKS

Unit 4:

AKS and ASP.NET cloud native

Understand the basics of resistance.

Observe the behavior of a microservice without any resistance strategy.

Implement error-handling code for HTTP requests in a microservice.

Deploy an infrastructure-based resiliency solution to an AKS cluster.

Unit 5:

Build a proof of concept (POC) that will transform an existing PaaS application to a container-based application. This POC will deliver a multi-tenant web app hosting solution leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Docker containers on Linux nodes, and a migration from MongoDB to CosmosDB.


Unit 6:

Whiteboard Design Session - Cloud-native applicationsLessons

Review the customer case study

Call to action: Design a proof of concept solution

Call to action: Present the solution

Unit 7:

Hands-on Lab - Cloud-native applicationsLessons

Create and run a Docker application

Deploy the solution to Azure Kubernetes Service

Scale the application and test HA

Setup load balancing and service discovery (Infrastructure Edition)

Working with services and routing application traffic (Developer Edition)

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