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Business Central Copilot course for users


In this course you will learn how to use Business Central Copilot, a tool that helps you manage your business more efficiently and make better decisions based on data. Business Central Copilot is an intelligent assistant that integrates with your Microsoft 365 applications and offers you personalized suggestions, alerts, reports and analysis of your business activity.



This course is aimed at Business Central users who want to take full advantage of Copilot's capabilities and improve their productivity and performance. No prior programming or data analysis knowledge is required, just a Business Central account and an internet connection.


Throughout this course, we will see how to configure Business Central Copilot, how to access its different functionalities and how to customize it according to your preferences and needs. You will also learn to interact with the Copilot by voice or text, to ask your questions and get quick and accurate answers. Additionally, you will discover how Copilot can help you optimize your processes, identify opportunities, anticipate problems and find solutions.

Business Central Copilot is a very powerful tool that offers you the following advantages:

- It allows you to have a global and detailed vision of your business, from finances to sales, including inventory, production and customer service.

- It makes it easier for you to access the information you need at all times, without having to navigate through multiple screens or applications.

- Saves you time and effort by automating routine tasks and simplifying workflows.

- Helps you improve the quality of your data by detecting and correcting errors, inconsistencies and duplicates.

- Provides you with expert guidance, offering recommendations based on analysis of your data and industry best practices.

- It allows you to stay up to date with what is happening in your business, by sending you notifications and alerts about important events, changes or anomalies.

- Supports you in decision making by showing you interactive reports and graphs that summarize the status and performance of your business, as well as projections and future scenarios.

With Business Central Copilot, you can manage your business in a more intelligent, agile and profitable way. Are you ready to start? Let's go there!


Unit 1: Configuring Business Central Copilot and its capabilities

  • Prerequisites
  • Allow data movement between geographies
  • Feature Activation
  • Activate the feature in Feature Management
  • Give permission to the user
  • Next steps

Unit 2: Marketing Tips

  • What is AI-generated article and product marketing copy with Copilot?
  • In what contexts is it applied?
  • For what and in what way it is used
  • Examples


Unit 3: Bank reconciliation with Copilot

  • About help reconciling bank accounts
  • Previous requirements
  • Bank account reconciliation with Copilot
  • Move unmatched bank transactions to suggested general ledger accounts
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