• The company has incorporated new functionalities in the areas of administration, security, productivity and collaboration in its professional editions of Windows 11 and the Windows 365 cloud solution.
  • Improved detection and protection against phishing and it will be possible to monitor registration keys through MDM policies to ensure that devices in any ecosystem comply with security protocols.
  • Microsoft has also incorporated new accessibility features that allow people with disabilities to improve their workflows and productivity.

The way we work has changed drastically in the last two years. Most of the workforce prefers hybrid models and flexible hours, while cyber threats continue to increase . Therefore, IT managers face a new challenge: training employees in new technological experiences.

In this context, Microsoft has presented various new features in its professional editions of Windows 11 and Windows 365 in the areas of administration, security, productivity and collaboration . In this way, the company continues to promote a accessible, familiar and easy-to-manage ecosystem by the technology departments of companies, to face the challenges of this new digital scenario in constant evolution.

Zero Trust models and technologies chip-to-cloud adapted to hybrid work

Cybersecurity incidents and risks top the list of concerns for managers in the next year, according to figures from the Microsoft Work Trends Index 2022. With built-in protection chip-to-cloud , Windows 11 helps organizations meet the security requirements required by hybrid work models, now and in the future.

The more than one billion Windows users will benefit from the Tightly integrated hardware and software protection layers . Microsoft has collaborated with different device manufacturers to increase security against multiple attack vectors . Its objective is for computers to be more protected than ever against phishing, vulnerable passwords, malware, ransomware , data loss and the serious risk of direct attacks against hardware when a cybercriminal has physical access to a device after it is stolen or lost.

For this reason, Windows 11 presents two New features that fight against the most common cyberattack techniques: phishing and targeted malware:

  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. This new capacity strengthens protection of users from phishing attacks by identifying and alerting them when they enter their credentials into a malicious app or website under the control of cybercriminals.
  • Smart App Control, which combines code signing certificates with artificial intelligence models to ensure that only secure applications run , blocking one of the most common attack vectors by default. Likewise, specific security processors included in the hardware, such as Microsoft Pluton increases the protection of future PCs by streamlining and protecting firmware updates through the cloud.

With these new features, Microsoft continues its mission to empower IT departments and help them continually raise their standards against new attack patterns, from the chip to the cloud. Another example of this is Config Lock , now available in Windows 11, which monitors registry keys through MDM policies and dynamically fixes them in the event of a security incident to ensure that devices in any ecosystem comply with industrial and organization-specific security protocols.

Empower employees: more inclusive, accessible and intelligent experiences

Windows 11 adapts to each user: it is the most accessible and inclusive version of the system created to date. New features like Focus Sessions, Live Captions and Voice Access They enable anyone, including people with disabilities, to boost their productivity.

Focus Sessions makes it easier for information professionals and people with ADHD to develop healthy digital habits and improve your daily life. The System-wide real-time subtitles in Windows 11 They make it easier for all users, especially those with hearing disabilities or language learners, to understand spoken content. AND Voice Access allows people with limited mobility or with repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel, control your device and dictate content using your voice. Each of these experiences has been developed in collaboration with people and associations of people with disabilities, allowing them to reach many other Windows users around the world.

Likewise, the company seeks to continue driving efficiency and productivity for each user through a multitude of features. An example of this is the Redesigned, cloud-based file explorer to streamline the search process by showing all results in one place. Now, it is also possible pin files and create tabs .

To further enhance the meeting and collaboration experience, Microsoft has also introduced new smart meeting capabilities for Windows 11, which take advantage of hardware features by incorporating Artificial Intelligence to improve the clarity of the voice ( Voice Clarity ), perform automatic framing of the participants ( Automatic framing ), improve the blurring of the background ( Portrait background Blur ) and maintain visual contact between the interlocutors ( Eye contact ) with the aim of improving the experience and achieve more natural and closer video calls.

Empower IT professionals with streamlined Windows management

Simplicity and ease of management are more important than ever as organizations and IT departments adapt to remote and hybrid work environments. Windows 365 Enterprise offers organizations greater flexibility by allowing Windows to be deployed on a business or personal device, managed in Microsoft Endpoint Manager . Through Endpoint Manager, IT can manage Windows 365 Cloud PC along with its physical computers. Additionally, support for Azure AD Join for Cloud PCs will be available starting in May.

The app management for Microsoft Edge It also comes to Windows 11 to offer greater flexibility in employee workspaces. With the With application protection policies applied in Endpoint Manager for Edge for Windows , administrators will be able to configure how data is transferred, within and outside the organization, as well as define the level of Windows Defender protection on the device. This way, Employees can securely access company resources from their personal Windows devices , maintaining security and privacy.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager has also been updated: it will be a single cloud-based solution that brings together security and management tools. endpoints critics . A premium management plugin has been introduced endpoints that helps workers make secure, support-to-user connections, no matter where they work. Later, a series of capabilities will be introduced in Endpoint Manager designed to improve end-user experiences, increase the security of endpoints and reduce costs of ownership (TCO). These new tools will help protect the endpoints in the cloud, on-premises, and across device platforms , and will be critical for organizations striving to adopt Zero Trust security models .

Eliminate the boundaries between the PC and the cloud

Microsoft will soon offer new integrations that unite the power of Windows 11 and Windows 365. Among them stands out Windows 365 Switch, for a seamless transition between your cloud PC and your local computer with just one click; and Windows 365 Boot, to directly boot your Windows 365 cloud PC in one step, and enable Automatic resynchronization after working offline , without losing any data, with Windows 365 Offline. These scenarios represent another step in the Windows and Microsoft cloud integration .

The best devices thanks to Microsoft partners

A key element to hybrid working is ensuring devices are modern and secure. Microsoft's partner ecosystem offers the widest range of devices on the market , from 2-in-1s to laptops and desktops, with a wide variety of prices. OEM brands such as Acer, ASUS, Dell Technologies, Dynabook Fujitsu Client Computing, Getac, HP, Lenovo, LG, MSI, NEC PC, Panasonic and Samsung, along with manufacturers AMD, Intel and Qualcomm work with Windows 11. Their offer includes computers with secure core, high-quality video conferencing, next-generation graphics, long-lasting battery life, rugged construction for essential workers, fast startup, great performance and sustainable designs.

The most successful companies are those that adopted digital transformation two years ago. With Windows, Microsoft guarantees organizations constant updates and optimized experiences for With Windows, Microsoft guarantees organizations constant updates and optimized experiences to address today's work scenarios. Windows 11 and Windows 365 are ready to accompany users in this new era of hybrid work: they offer the most secure, manageable and productive user experience on the market.

Original source: https://news.microsoft.com/es-es/2022/04/05/microsoft-presenta-novedades-en-windows-11-para-optimizar-los-entornos-de-trabajo-hybridos/

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